The Advantages of Working-Out, or How to Become a Daddy

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My handlers told me it’s time to produce another blog. They asked that I not write about sports and suggested I offer my thoughts on music. I won’t write about sports but I will discuss music only tangentially. A fuller treatment will appear in a future blog.

I was advised by the team at PARMA Recordings that my CD aired over a Vermont radio station at the end of March. Interestingly enough, the track that was played was my composition, Capriccio. Perhaps this means I should compose more and play less!

My CD was released on April 14 and can now be purchased (download or physical CD). Simply click on the link on my website. I am very excited that the CD received a very positive review in the music blog section of Infodad on April 16, two days after its release. You can view the article on my Facebook page or follow the link:

While not on the level of American Record Guide, Billboard Magazine, or The Gramophone, Infodad is nevertheless a respected source whose reviews carry significant weight.

I am writing from about 30,000 feet as I am on the return flight to Cleveland from Jacksonville where I performed three recitals from April 17 through April 19. These were my first full solo recitals in thirty-two years. Things went well and the final performance on Sunday afternoon exceeded my expectations (see the post to my Facebook page from April 19 by an enthusiastic member of the audience). I did not think I would regain my platform ease as quickly as I did, especially when the prolonged absence is taken onto consideration together with the fact that I work full-time outside of music. The experience confirms that my preparations or “training” were on target and produced sound results.

My next recital is May 8th in Cleveland at Severance Hall’s Reinberger Chamber Hall. Tickets are now available and can be purchased from the Severance Hall box office which can be accessed through my website or Facebook events page.

In connection with the release of the CD and the May 8th recital, I will be interviewed on Cleveland’s WCLV (104.9 FM) during the week of May 3. The interview will be about ten minutes in length. In addition, I will be taping an interview on April 29 for WCPN, the Cleveland NPR affiliate (90.3 FM). This interview will be much longer and will feature performances. It will contain some surprises – think Back! – so stay tuned! I am told it will be posted to the Internet after it airs during the week of May 3 so it will be accessible throughout the world and can thus be shared with others.

The Advantages of Working-Out, or How to Become a Daddy

Vytautas SmetonaMany of you may not be aware that I am married. Even more so, you may not know that my wife is adamant about her dislike for sports but that she nevertheless enjoys equestrian events and figure skating.

While very reserved, she has something of an impish sense of humor. For example, she reviewed my bio for content and typos and inserted the phrase, “he is a sports and fitness enthusiast”. She probably was amused when members of the audience asked me following Sunday afternoon’s recital how often and where I work out and what my routines consisted of.

Nevertheless, my wife does exercise systematically. She has been working out and lifting weights regularly since age 19. One Christmas she purchased a 300-pound Olympic weightlifting set for my three oldest sons because she felt their physical culture was inadequate.

Good things happen to those who exercise. A number of years ago, we dropped off my oldest son, Joe, at his apartment in Spanish Harlem just before he was to begin graduate school at Columbia University. His landlord asked my wife, “Are you Joe’s girlfriend?”

As you can imagine, Joe has been the butt of jokes ever since. “Hey, Joe, how’s the cougar lady?” “Hey Joe, I heard your girlfriend is going to dump you for a Daddy”, etc.

This weekend I got mine. Following Sunday’s performance, a man approached my wife and said, “You must be proud of the way your Dad played.”

Ouch! I didn’t think I looked that old! To his credit, Joe, who was victimized in a similar manner several years earlier, commiserated with me and told me to look at things from a positive perspective: “At least no one came up to you to say it was nice that your Mom was able to come from Cleveland to hear you play.” Maybe it’s not so bad being a “Daddy”!

I hope to see you in Cleveland on May 8!


With heartfelt regards,

Vytautas Smetona

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