INFODAD.COM reviews Vytautas Smetona’s, ALL THE WAY BACK

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The first review for Vytautas Smetona’s new album ALL THE WAY BACK is in! INFODAD.COM has given the album 4 plus signs (their highest rating) along with a rave review. Below is an excerpt of the review.

… Smetona comes at it with interpretative strength and a willingness to engage fully in its emotional upheavals. Schumann’s Fantasie, with its huge and emotionally fraught first movement, is the disc’s centerpiece, and Smetona handles it in grand style, plumbing its emotional depths while proving himself fully equal to its tremendous technical demands (such as the rapid simultaneous skips in opposite directions in the coda of the second movement). There is majesty as well as pathos in Smetona’s interpretation…

Click here to read the whole review (4th paragraph down on the page).

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